Chord Yoga – chakra moves for your guitar. We create an online learning platform that unlocks your pathway to fretboard fluency and creativity by combining our curriculum including comprehensive guitar methods and etudes from jazz to neo soul with transcriptions of seminal solo guitar performances by players like Bill Frisell, Jim Hall, Julian Lage, Jim Hall and contemporary session guitarists. Learn how to apply knowledge gained from music theory with a very practical twist.

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II-V-I: hexatonic scales
II-V-I: bi triadic hexatonic scales
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Xmas etude II : Silent Night
A jazzy take on a teutonic christmas classic 😉 Make it your own.
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How to ‘Pass’ a blue Monk: jazz blues workout, part I
How to 'Pass' a blue Monk: jazz blues workout
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II-V-I ideas by Spanky Alford and Jimmy Wyble
II-V-I ideas with moving inner voices. Smart chord diagrams. Inspired by amazing ‘Spanky’ Alford and Jimmy Wyble.
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Neo Soul flares
Neo Soul flares - inspired by amazing ‘Spanky’ Alford. Concepts and licks as played on Robert Glasper’s track ‘Forget Regret’.
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I Wish You Love – Bucky Pizzarelli
How to accompany a melody, tastefully. Bucky Pizzarelli's accompaniment for Rosemary Clooney comes with a couple of healthy challenges:
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Crepuscule with Nellie – Bill Frisell (solo)
The first bars of Bill Frisell's rendition of 'Crepuscule with Nellie' already showcases a couple of his preferred techniques and
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Xmas etude I
A couple of arranging ideas for holiday songs - before the 'holiday season' starts.
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Autumn Leaves – Bill Frisell, Bob Bain & Dennis Budimir
Bill Frisell with session guitar greats Bob Bain and Dennis Budimir, performing "Autumn Leaves". Transcription of Bill's solo chorus.
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