Chord Yoga – chakra moves for your guitar. We create an online learning platform that unlocks your pathway to fretboard fluency and creativity by combining our curriculum including comprehensive guitar methods and etudes from jazz to neo soul with transcriptions of seminal solo guitar performances by players like Bill Frisell, Jim Hall, Julian Lage, Jim Hall and contemporary session guitarists. Learn how to apply knowledge gained from music theory with a very practical twist.

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Neo Soul embellishments
How to ‘style’ a melodic idea.
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Made to Shine – Bill Frisell (solo)
Played unaccompanied on an acoustic guitar this rendition of "Made to Shine" offers an unobstructed view of Bill Frisell's compositional
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Chord kit (1) ‘Best Behavior’
A 'chord kit’, inspired by Margaret Glaspy's song 'Best Behavior'.
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Studies for electric guitar (2) ‘Nioma Stoops’*
Minor and major blues in DADGAD tuning !
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‘Earspeed’ – ear training exercises
Here’s an economic way to a) speed up your ears and b) to map the fretboard without shapes or patterns.
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‘Star Wars’ – famous licks
Lick of the day by - John Williams
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‘Untitled Improvisation’ – Kurt Rosenwinkel’s chord melody style (1)
A first look at Kurt Rosenwinkel's take on chord melody: block chords, hexatonics and famous melodies
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When Will The Blues Leave – Gilad Hekselman
Gilad Hekselman's take on a jazz blues: "When Will The Blues Leave" by Ornette Coleman.
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