Chord Yoga – chakra moves for your guitar. Unlock pathways to fretboard fluency and creativity by combining comprehensive guitar methods from jazz to neo soul – the abstract – with the concretetranscriptions of seminal solo guitar performances.

Gain insight into musical ideas and concepts of players like Bill Frisell, Arianna Powell, Tim Lerch, Adam Levy, Roy Buchanan, Jim Hall and Spanky Alford.

Learn how to apply harmonization techniques of the great composers of American popular music to the guitar: Charles Mingus, Antônio Carlos Jobim and George Gershwin.

In short, how to apply music theory knowledge with a practical twist.

Methods | Transcriptions | Lessons

A John Mayer-inspired guitar stroll
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Musical vocabulary
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(Re)harmonizing diatonic melodies
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Pop guitar ‘rudiments’
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