Chord Yoga – chakra moves for your guitar. We create an online learning platform that unlocks your pathway to fretboard fluency and creativity by combining our curriculum including comprehensive guitar methods and etudes from jazz to neo soul with transcriptions of seminal solo guitar performances by players like Bill Frisell, Jim Hall, Julian Lage, Jim Hall and contemporary session guitarists. Learn how to apply knowledge gained from music theory with a very practical twist.

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Arranging for Solo Guitar: Amazing Grace
"One of the first things that's really important is to actually know the song What do I mean by knowing
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Chord-Melody Phrases
Looking for fresh ideas? A quick peek into concepts for harmonizing, substituting and new voicing ideas. Comes with the etude
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Jazz Guitar 101
A comprehensive overview on arpeggios, scales and harmonies and how to use them musically to further your creativity on the
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Neo Soul Guitar 101
A compact overview and application of essential chord progressions, rhythms, melodic fills and a deeper look into rhythmic/percussive guitar techniques:
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Concepts for Solo Guitar Performance – 2nd Edition
Selected transcriptions shed light on how to arrange for and improvise with one guitar: techniques by Jim Hall, Kurt Rosenwinkel,
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Studies for Electric Guitar – Etude 1
This etude, inspired by the SongSquad tune "Seven" by Justus West, is a hip tool to review a couple of
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‘Shenandoah’ – Bill Frisell (solo) transcription
The transcription at hand is Bill Frisell’s improvised rendition of the traditional American folk song “Shenandoah”, filmed for the ​Fretboard
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