Solo Flight – Kurt Rosenwinkel [TABs & standard notation]

Standard notation, TAB & annotations, 6 pages.

What is in it? 

Harmonization ideas inspired by Kurt Rosenwinkel’s “Untitled Improvisation”, WBGO Studio Sessions 2008 [transcription excerpt and analysis].

Ideal for harmonic wanderers who aren’t afraid of nothing. E.g. using their thumbs to create some more contrary motion or reading chord diagrams that which show a couple of perspectives at once. 

Takeaways and application examples:

These concepts translate well to most styles old and new. What are all those labels – jazz, neo soul, lofi? 

From the lesson:

Don’t know why that melody sounds familar? 

This excerpt of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s improvisation for WBGO Studio Sessions back in 2008 offers a number of takeaways for chord melody playing.

Most of the voicings which are being used are fairly standard “block chords” – a practical choice to harmonize more notes of a given melody. Additionally, also a good way to superimpose additional harmonic movement when there are repeating notes. E.g. harmonizing the same melody note with different functions.

Check out how this concept is applied here:

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