Chord Yoga

What’s included?

  • 400+ pages of transcribed music
  • Guitar methods (eBooks) ‘Concepts for Solo Guitar Performance’, ‘Neo Soul Guitar 101’
  • TAB, notation and annotations for all examples
  • Exercises and arrangements
  • Unlimited access to all current and upcoming transcriptions
  • Music theory Q/A

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How to create a distinct musical mood with subtle yet impactful arrangement choices.
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Shell voicings are a type of chord shape that includes all the chord tone 'categories' which define the sound of
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A jazzy take on a teutonic christmas classic 😉 Make it your own.
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This etude, inspired by the SongSquad tune "Seven" by Justus West, is a hip tool to review a couple of
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Complete Transcription of Bill Frisell's solo on W. C. Handy's classic "St. Louis Blues".
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