Chord Yoga – chakra moves for your guitar. We create an online learning platform that unlocks your pathway to fretboard fluency and creativity by combining our curriculum including comprehensive guitar methods and etudes from jazz to neo soul with transcriptions of seminal solo guitar performances by players like Bill Frisell, Jim Hall, Julian Lage, Jim Hall and contemporary session guitarists. Learn how to apply knowledge gained from music theory with a very practical twist.

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Tone – Technique – Theory (2) Chordal playing
The purpose of this preliminary exercise is to establish efficient muscle memory and finger independence in the picking hand to
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‘Two-line’ excursion (2) ‘She’s Leaving Home’
Lick of the day: Jimmy Wyble's 'two-line improv' applied to the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home"
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‘Two-line’ excursion
Lick of the day: Jimmy Wyble's 'two-line improv' applied to 'Black Hole Sun'. Outline harmonies and harmonic progressions with only
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Studies for electric guitar (5) Akane
Recovering a lil' ditty I wrote a long long time ago including neo soul-ish embellishments. Let me hear your take
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Tone – Technique – Theory (1)
The term // tone // can be defined as your perception of the interplay of pitch, texture and dynamics.
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Studies for electric guitar (4) Slow Dancing
A John Mayer-inspired guitar stroll including a number of common guitar techniques.
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Melodic Minor – (Re)harmonization concepts (1)
A couple of ideas how to use the melodic minor scale to create colorful chord extensions and substitutions.
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“How to ‘Pass’ a Blue Monk” – jazz blues lesson
Jazz blues moves and licks for solo guitar - inspired by Joe Pass and Kurt Rosenwinkel.
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