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Chord Yoga – chakra moves for your guitar. Attempting to unravel the mysteries of music or just looking for guitar tips? Fear no evil, you’re not only already hip to the music – you’re it.

With a lil’ bit of help from these rough translations made up of dots and lines, aka transcriptions, one by one, it becomes easier to make a guitar sing or speak your way. 

While there are plenty of specifically tailored guitar methods and learning concepts for all kinds of music styles, working with transcriptions offers a non-linear, yet more integrated and realistic approach of learning about and creating music – a priceless perspective that improves perceiving, feeling, internalizing and knowing the music you love.

Gain insight into musical ideas and concepts of contemporary players like Bill Frisell, Arianna Powell, Tim Lerch, Adam Levy […], and check out legends like Charlie Christian, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Roy Buchanan, Jimmy Wyble, Jim Hall, Joe Pass, Ted Greene or Spanky Alford – whose contributions shaped today’s sound of music.

Learn how to apply harmonization techniques of the great composers of American popular music: Charles Mingus, Antônio Carlos Jobim and George Gershwin.

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